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Our Partners

Over 50 Years of Experience in Crafting Premium Equestrian Bits

Leading Success Through Expertise and Innovation

Samkyung Metal Corporation is a horse bit producer established by Mr HyunKu KIM in South Korea 1969 Since its first bit production journey with Millers Harness, SMC has been supplying both English and Western bits to the US and European customers over the past 50 years Moved to Qingdao China, SMC now runs a team of 150 masters with expert craftmanship vertically integrated from mold production, casting, and buffing to zero tolerance machining to produce Best in Class bits Samkyung continues revamping its production facilities and technology to achieve even higher quality and promises best performance bits in time.

  • Crafting Top Equestrian Bits with Skill and Experience

    Our factory in Qingdao, China, is home to 150 skilled bit producers, some of whom have dedicated over 30 years to the same division. They meticulously craft top-performing bits from hundreds of bit molds, tailored to suit various horses
  • Elevating Quality and Precision: Vertical Integration

    Throughout the years, Samkyung Metal Corporation has upheld vertically integrated production processes, encompassing mold production, casting, buffing, and machining, ensuring best-in-class quality. We have continually enhanced our production techniques, particularly in casting and welding, to guarantee minimal pinholes and unhindered movement. Our craftsmen are committed to delivering the best-performing bits on your preferred schedule